Relief and Beyond 

Why choose Excellcare? 

Award-Winning Service

We are dedicated to our patients with one-to-one therapies catered to individual’s needs. Our personalized and comprehensive services have attracted many patients to our clinic. Excellcare was the winner of “Patients’ Choice” award in 2014, and Top 10 Physical Therapy Clinic in Chicago in 2017 and 2018. 

Five-Star Satisfaction

Excellcare Physical Therapy has proudly severed thousands of patients, and it has been becoming a highest rated physical therapy clinic in Chicagoland. We have more than 70 FIVE-STAR rating on Google, Facebook, and Excellcare.net.  For more info, click here.

Best Possible Therapies

We have developed a unique, comprehensive and personalized program to provide best possible therapies to our patients, which may often include Acupuncture, Osteopractic joint manipulations and Tissue Mobilizations and Deep Tissue Laser Therapy for fast and sustainable results. Such comprehensive therapies greatly enhance the effeteness of treatment, also significantly shorten the recovery time.

Multilingual-friendly clinic

Excellcare has focused on one thing: to provide best possible services to our patient. We have been a multilingual-friendly clinic for many years, which provide ultimate convenience to our patients.  Our staffs speak fluently in English, Spanish, and Polish.    

What patients say about us?

  • Excellcare Western was recommended to me by my physician as an excellent facility and after attending several therapy sessions there I couldn't agree more. The staff is always friendly and highly competent. The patient's condition is thoroughly treated and monitored continuously so progress can be tracked. The therapy worked wonders for my back problem, and helped me recover very quickly. I would give this facility my highest rating and assure everyone that if you go there you will not be disappointed.

    Michael A. Black
    Mar 2, 2017
    Reviewed on excellcare.net
  • I would like to thank the staff for getting me back 100%. You made what I thought was to be difficult quite easy. I appreciate the attention to detail and allowing me to work at my pace.I am back to work two months in advance. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

    Humphrey Phillips
    Nov 1, 2016
    reviewed on excellcare.net
  • Excell therapy is the best place i,ve been for physical therapy. the therapist here are very professional and very personal each therapist has their own unique way of treating each patient which is refreshing .the therapist here make you want to come back im very lucky to have found this place. i highly recommend excellcare for complete treatment for your injuries.

    Kevin Waters
    8 months ago, reviewed on Google
  • I was referred to Excellcare Western for physical therapy after a car accident and could not be happier about the service and level of professionalism. Kristen, Semjoy and the rest of their staff are extremely knowlegable and friendly. Being my first time going through something like this, they really took their time with me and explained everything that was going on during every session. They took great care of me and i highly recommend them to everyone!

    Ryne Finn
    4 months ago, reviewed on Google
  • Highly recommend. I have had a bad shoulder ever since I had surgery, I would get numbness and tingling consistently everyday and no doctor ever had a good answer as to why. I am so happy I stopped in Excellcare, All their staff are very professional and After a handful of treatments instead of everyday I maybe get the tingling and numbness once a month now for a short period of time of and I'm sure after a few more visits the excellent care by there staff will have me back to feeling 18 again. Never been more grateful.

    Matthew Valentine
    Dec 2017, reviewed on FaceBook

First Visit

Required documents:
-Doctor referral
-Picture ID
-Insurance Card (primary and secondary if applicable)
-Patient’s personal medication list
-A copy of X-Ray, MRI, CAT Scan (CT Scan) Reports

For motor vehicle or work related injury, additional info is required.
-Date of injury
-Insurance company name
-Claim number
-Claim representative name, phone and fax number

The insurance and payment we accept:
-United Health Care
-Blue Cross Blue Shield
-First Health
-Workers’ Compensation
-Car Insurance
-Major credit cards, Square, and PayPal are accepted.

The insurance we do not accept:
-Public Aid



ExcellCare Physical Therapy and Rehab Net – (Beverly)
11240 South Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60643
Phone: (773) 779-1111
Fax: (773) 779-1525